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What Cal taught us

It was a pleasure to be part of Cal’s Cupcake Challenge and experience the immense

impact that Cal, supported by her family and community, has had on raising awareness and

support for leukodystrophy.

As future nurses, we are dedicated to supporting our patients while they fight

against illnesses. This event taught us that our duty, as nurses, is not only to provide direct

medical care for our patients; we are also called to join the families of our patients in an effort to

advance research for and awareness of diseases, like leukodystrophy, in order to improve clinical


Within minutes of arriving to Cal’s Cupcake Challenge, the strength that Cal

demonstrated was incredible and left us in absolute awe and amazement. The impact she has on

her classmates and entire community is outstanding. The children in her elementary school put on

performances for her, well-established bakeries and other organizations made generous donations

in her name, and more than 5,000 cupcakes were eaten! We were reminded how essential it is that

we never forget how Cal, and remarkable individuals like her, have so much to offer and teach

the world.

Despite the great adversity that Cal and her family have faced, they have translated their

experience into something truly beautiful. Through the research that Cal’s Cupcake Challenge

supports, scientists are coming closer to helping more children just like her. Our vision is for

Thomas Jefferson College of Nursing to join Cal’s family in an attempt to raise awareness and

support for leukodystrophy in honor of Cal, whom we have been inspired by… one cupcake at a


To Cal’s family: Thank you for letting us be a small part of this amazing event!

—Erin Fenerty, Rebekah Hershey, and Eliza Blatchford

Thomas Jefferson College of Nursing

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