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Cal's godmother takes on the Philadelphia Marathon for kids with leukodystrophy

Nicole Kefalas, Cal's aunt and godmother, and Cal share the same birthday, December 23rd.

And in 2013, just a few months after Cal's diagnosis with leukodystrophy, Nicole learned she had MS.

This diagnosis was a far more ominous connection. Multiple sclerosis and leukodystrophy are both white matter diseases, and while Nicole's diagnosis was devastating, Cal's diagnosis was terminal.

Nicole knew she had to do something to help.

So while Cal's mom started selling cupcakes, and Nicole started running.

Calliope Joy Foundation co-founder laughs, "Of course my sister Nicole would run marathons and I would sell cupcakes. Nicole's determination to help raise funds given everything that she was facing proves, yet again, how Cal inspires people to do remarkable things."

Last year, Maria remembers, "Nicole took on her first half marathon and she pledged to raise $5000, she ended up raising $7000. It was amazing. I am her big sister, and I do worry about her taking on too much and yet Nicole keeps telling me, she is ready."

This will be Nicole's first marathon in a decade and her first since her diagnosis.

Nicole says, "I am in the best shape of my life, I am ready for Philly. Maria says she wants to run a race too, that is going to be my next project."

Nicole is a personal trainer based in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Find more info on TEAM CUPCAKE Here

Watch this video to meet Nicole and hear her story.

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