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Our Mission

Since 2013, we have sold 45,000 cupcakes and raised nearly a million dollars through Cal's Cupcake ChallengeThe Cupcake Gala, the Cupcake Run, and with gifts from donors and partners. Our mission is to improve care, support families and champion research for families with Leukodystrophy.

The revolutionary and life-saving MLD gene therapy treatment, OTL-200, is scheduled for review by the FDA in March 2024, meaning that it soon could be available to MLD patients in the United States. With the potential FDA approval of OTL-200, the MLD community has hope for a brighter future where those affected by the rare disease get a second chance at life.

Join us in making a difference for MLD patients and their families across the country as we work to ensure that they can access this incredible treatment. Your support can make an impact by helping make this life-saving treatment accessible to those in need. 

Our promise

Leukodystrophy Improved Care

Improved Care

We strive to provide improved care for families dealing with MLD and Leukodystrophy. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to offering support and resources to enhance the quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

TCJF - Cupcake Gala 2023

Fundraising Events

Join us at our annual Gala's, Cupcake events, and 5K races to support families affected by MLD and Leukodystrophy. Together, we can make a difference!

Children's Hospitol of Philadelphis - TCJF

Research Advancements

At The Calliope Joy Foundation, we are dedicated to funding research initiatives that aim to find a cure for MLD and Leukodystrophy. By supporting groundbreaking research, we hope to bring hope and progress to those affected by these conditions.

We Have Launched & Funded

Family Forum

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Cure MLD

Cure MLD Logo

Living with 

​Living with  Leukodystrophy Book

newborn screening

Cals Cupcakes - The Calliope Joy Foundat

Travel grants for


MLD Patient Travel and Care

Provided care


MLD Leukodystrphy Care Packages

Produced video


Cals Cupcakes - Calliope Joy Foundation

Published two

children's books

Loie's Disease - Book about Leukodystrophy
The Calliope Joy Foundation - Amazon Smile Link

Our Sponsors

Homology Therapeutics | Tim Bliamptis and Jane Donaldson | The Muul Family | Gifts in memory of Patrick Carr | The Hamlett Family | Todd Milne and Jill Cairns Milne

TCJF Sponsor - Orchard Theraputics
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